Everything you wanted to know about booking a Hog Roast but didn’t know who to ask!


As you are not a shop are you still certified by the Environmental Health Authority?

Yes, we are fully registered with our local Lancaster Environmental Health department and have the current highest mark.

I want to book at party at my home but I have pets, is it safe?

Yes you can still book our hog roast but as the equipment we use gets very hot and contains something your dog or pet will find tasty, we would ask that you give that consideration and if possible keep your best friend isolated where no harm can come to them from contact with our equipment.

Can I serve my guests myself using your equipment?

I’m afraid not. Our public liability insurance only allows us to work with our equipment and serve your guests. As we use hot equipment and live flames the rules are very strict and we have to stick to them to keep everyone safe and in the clear. Why would you want to work on your special occasion anyway? Let us serve you and you relax and enjoy!

Will you supply condiments or do I have to supply them?

We sure do, you tell us what you would like and within reason we will supply sauce, mustard, stuffing, apple sauce and any other you like. If you would like to supply your own specialist condiments, that’s just fine too – it’s your party and we are there to make it great.

How safe is a hog roast for children?

Just treat it as you would having your own BBQ, common sense and some ground rules for safety apply. Once explained that the pig is hot and could burn then most little guys get it. They show a great interest in seeing the pig, however, must always be supervised by an adult when near the equipment.

Will your machine and gazebo fit in my garden?

There are a few things to consider here regarding access to your property. As a pig can weigh up to 75kg when feeding a lot of people, then add the weight of the machine, then access is really important to us. When considering where to locate your party you need to make sure that we can safely navigate the machine through any passages and stairs before booking. The machine dimensions are: 930cm high x 1800cm length x 789cm deep. So make sure you measure any parts of the access path that may seem tight and narrow. Also, if we need to use our gazebo then the dimensions of that are 3mtr x 3mtr, so please ensure there is enough space in the designated are for us.