Hip Hip Hog Roast Hurray!

birthdayhogroastWe love all our hog roast catering events but Birthdays are a firm favourite. We can cater for private parties at home in the garden or at a chosen venue making sure you get a birthday bash with a lot of cracking and a tasty bang!

Any birthday celebration should be fun packed and full of happy well fed and watered guests. By booking our hog roast hire, we will make sure the well fed bit is covered and that all your guests are gathered round the sizzling hog chatting away and having a great time. Also letting the Birthday boy or girl be the fist to cut into the sizzling hog makes for a fantastic photo opportunity to stick in the family album and Facebook! 🙂

From teeny boppers to pensioners our experience can help you plan the perfect party by adding the ultimate in food with our sizzling pigs and jolly staff.

To discuss how our hog roast hire can make your birthday party something amazing, please call us on 0152435134 or e-mail us and let’s get chatting and planning the big day!